Axial Systems Ltd Acquires Clearview Data Systems Ltd

An agreement has now been signed for Axial Systems to acquire Clearview Data Systems Ltd. All of Clearview’s sales, administration and support staff will transfer to Axial as part of the acquisition.

What does this mean for Clearview Customers?

All Clearview Customers will continue to be supported as normal as part of the acquisition. Until Clearview has been fully integrated into Axial’s operations, customers should continue to contact Clearview’s staff using the same telephone numbers and email addresses as you have always used:

  • Tel: 01707 255060
  • Fax: 01707 255061
  • Sales Email: sales@clearview.co.uk
  • Support Email: support@clearview.co.uk
  • General Email: info@clearview.co.uk

All Clearview customers will be contacted by letter and email by mid April as part of the transition of our business and support to Axial’s business procedures. The transition process will be straightforward:

  • Your existing contracts for support wil be transitioned to Axial
  • Support cases will be raised via the Axial Support portal.
  • You will call Axial’s head office for support.

 Will This Be Good For Clearview’s Customers?

Yes it will. Axial are a £17 million turnover company with a comprehensive range of network management, monitoring, optimisation and security products. Clearview possessed complementary skill sets to Axial, which is why the acquisition was undertaken. As a result you will gain access to a wider range of products and expertise to help you to manage, control, optimise and secure your networks and data.

For more information on Axial Systems. please visit the Axial Web site. We will be in contact shortly to tell you more, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any immediate questions.

Please note that from Monday 28 April 2014  the Clearview website will cease to exist.  After this date please visit www.axial.co.uk